Enterprise Edition

Extended capabilities and features for larger projects

Enterprise Edition 2017-10-29T16:41:32-04:00

SiteWhere Enterprise Edition

SiteWhere Enterprise Edition extends the capabilities of the open-source Community Edition with features specific to large production deployments

SiteWhere Cluster Manager

SiteWhere Cluster Manager

Provides the ability to manage and interact with a cluster of SiteWhere instances running in a Docker Swarm environment, allowing for dynamic horizontal scalability.


Enhanced Multi-Tenancy Features

Extends Community Edition multi-tenancy features to allow for individual tenants to be managed and scaled completely independently.


Real-Time Metrics and Dashboards

Provides system state monitoring for a SiteWhere EE instance, including core metrics and dynamic charting of data throughout.


Data Migration Tools

Allows for site, asset, device and configuration data to be propagated from developer environments to production.

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