Community Edition

SiteWhere's open source framework for developing IoT applications

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SiteWhere Community Edition

SiteWhere provides an open source framework for developing and deploying Internet of Things applications at a fraction of the cost of building them from scratch


Free to Download

The Community Edition provides an open source framework and APIs for custom development.


Commercial-Grade Features

SiteWhere's Community Edition provides device management, big data storage, communication support, integration and analytics.


Powerful Integrations

Integrates with leading IoT mobile hardware platforms including Ardunio, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS and more.


Delivers a complete device management solution

  • Avoid per-device charges of SaaS vendors

  • Connect devices with MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, Stomp, Sockets, WebSockets

  • Add devices through self-registration, REST services, or in batches

  • Use advanced command framework to interact with devices

  • Control large numbers of devices using batch command operations

Integrates with Big Storage

  • Provides massively scalable device event management solution

  • Offers highly tuned MongoDB, Apache HBase, and InfluxDB implementations

  • Runs on a laptop or scales linearly in a clustered environment

Supplies Building Blocks for Advanced Integration

  • Embeds WSO2 Siddhi for Complex Event Processing (CEP)

  • Integrates with Azure EventHub for massive cloud processing

  • Communicates with Apache Solr for search and analytics

  • Connects to Twilio for cloud communication features

  • Provides libraries for platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android and Java

  • Integration with Mule AnyPoint provides 100+ additional integrations

  • Supports event forwarding to Azure EventHub for machine learning and streaming analytics solutions

  • Connects with openHAB for home automation projects

Offers Asset Management Features

  • Associate devices to people in your identity management platform

  • Associate devices to assets in your asset management platform

  • Associate devices to locations for geospatial applications

  • Keep assignment history of each device and associated events over time

Provides more options for deployment

  • Deploy to your own private cloud or on premise

  • Deploy to public clouds such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2

  • Deploy to any provider that supports Docker or Ubantu Juju

Leverages Advance Multitenancy

  • Run any number of IoT applications on a single SiteWhere instance

  • Offers separate customizable processing engine per tenant

  • Offers separate data storage per tenant without any intermingling of data

  • Start, stop and reconfigure tenants without affecting other tenants

Why Open Source?

Open-source IoT application enablement providers can easily support multiple IoT solutions and use cases. Read more here.

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