IoT Platform Comparison

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Compare PaaS / SaaS to SiteWhere Products

  Industry SaaS / PaaSSiteWhere CESiteWhere EE
Multi-Tenancy Support 
Support for MQTT, AMQP, Stomp, CoAP, Socket, WebSocket, and more 
Integrates with iOS, Android, Raspberry PI, Arduino, Intel Devices, Java clients, and more through custom SDKs 
Comprehensive Administration GUI 
Comprehensive REST API 
Support for batch command operations and scheduling 
Elastic Scaling  
Complete Data Ownership & Privacy  
No Additional Costs for Additional Services like Data Analytics  
Flexible Deployment Options: On Premise, Cloud, Hosted, etc.  
Fixed Software Costs Regardless of Throughput / Usage  
Platform Source Code Transparency  
Platform Portability / Vendor Neutrality  
Complete Monitoring Visibility throughout Application Tiers  
Cluster Node Management / Visibility  
Configurable Service Levels Per Tenant Group   
Data Migration Tools   
Real-Time Monitoring   
Cost Model Usage BasedFreeCommercial
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