New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.7.0

//New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.7.0

New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.7.0

The SiteWhere 1.7.0 release includes some major architectural improvements along with many new features and bug fixes.

Upgrade to Spring Boot Architecture

Improved System Bootstrapping

SiteWhere 1.7.0 migrates the core platform to Spring Boot, supporting a more standardized approach for encapsulating the server. Previous versions of SiteWhere were bootstrapped as a web archive deployed on a standalone Tomcat instance, which gave less control over many aspects of the environment. With Spring Boot, SiteWhere provides the core application logic and uses the embedded Tomcat support to allow the web artifacts to still be deployed and accessed as with previous versions.

Updates to Folder Structure and Environment

By not packaging inside Tomcat, the folder structure has been simplified a lot. All of the Tomcat folders and configuration have been removed since they are now supplied by the embedded Tomcat instance provided by Spring Boot. The configuration folder has been moved into the root folder, but all of the content is still backward compatible with previous versions. Likewise, the database format has not changed, so you can point a 1.7.0 instance at the configuration and database from a previous installation and it will work. Since Tomcat is no longer bootstrapping, a new environment variable, SITEWHERE_HOME, has been introduced to point to the SiteWhere root folder.

Amazon SQS Integration

SiteWhere now integrates with Amazon SQS, allowing SiteWhere events to be pushed to queues in the Amazon cloud. The integration uses a configurable SiteWhere outbound event processor, which allows logic to be applied in choosing which events are pushed to Amazon. For instance, you can add an event processor that only forwards measurement events from a specific device specification into Amazon SQS.

Outbound RabbitMQ Event Processing

A new outbound event processor has been added for forwarding SiteWhere events to RabbitMQ using AMQP. As with other filtered event processors, logic (including complex scripted decision logic) can be applied to choose which events are forwarded. Any device that can listen on AMQP can receive a live stream of events as they are processed by SiteWhere. For those that prefer MQTT to AMQP, there is equivalent support for live streaming over MQTT.

Get Started!

Download SiteWhere 1.7.0 today and check out the new features for yourself! The SiteWhere team is looking forward to your feedback on the new architecture and features.


The SiteWhere Team

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