Release Notes - SiteWhere - Version 1.6.1

//New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.6.1

New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.6.1

Release Notes – SiteWhere – Version 1.6.1


[SITEWHERE-275] – Unable to log in with multiple tenants active

[SITEWHERE-277] – Accessing specifications on new tenant gives invalid asset reference

[SITEWHERE-278] – Command invocation with no initiator id causes error on admin UI

[SITEWHERE-280] – Assets searches not returning correct results


[SITEWHERE-276] – Groovy outbound processor needs access to device and assignment

[SITEWHERE-279] – Support command invocations via Groovy builder APIs

Release Notes – SiteWhere – Version 1.6.0


[SITEWHERE-219] – Investigate Java OutOfMemory exceptions occurring after restarting tenants

[SITEWHERE-261] – Login page contains invalid script reference

[SITEWHERE-264] – Deleting last tenant makes SiteWhere unusable

[SITEWHERE-267] – Do not allow specification to be deleted if devices are using it

[SITEWHERE-268] – State not being returned on assignment lists for HBase

[SITEWHERE-269] – Tenant REST APIs not properly restricting access

New Feature

[SITEWHERE-246] – Support presence detection and notification

[SITEWHERE-260] – Add InfluxDB device event datastore implementation

[SITEWHERE-263] – Add Node-RED support

[SITEWHERE-272] – Add outbound processor that delegates to a Groovy script

[SITEWHERE-273] – Support using Groovy script as device model initializer

[SITEWHERE-274] – Add Hazelcast device event management implementation


[SITEWHERE-258] – Separate event APIs from device management APIs

[SITEWHERE-259] – Create MongoDB tenant datastore type with pluggable event storage

[SITEWHERE-262] – Improve support for JSON over MQTT

[SITEWHERE-266] – Add server administrator role to viewing of global server information

[SITEWHERE-270] – Upgrade libraries to be compatible with Spring IO/Boot


The SiteWhere Team


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