Release Notes - SiteWhere - Version 1.3.0

//New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.3.0

New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.3.0


[SITEWHERE-216] – Java client not passing date fields for listDevices()

[SITEWHERE-218] – On upgrade, new permissions not automatically added

[SITEWHERE-219] – Investigate Java OutOfMemory exceptions occurring on low load systems

[SITEWHERE-222] – Clicking on Specifications tab with no asset data throws exception

[SITEWHERE-223] – If lat/long values are not entered for location asset, list page does not load

[SITEWHERE-224] – XML schema can not be resolved when server started without internet connection

New Feature

[SITEWHERE-212] – Add scheduler subsystem

[SITEWHERE-221] – Add integration for forwarding events to


[SITEWHERE-210] – Make all model objects serializable

[SITEWHERE-213] – Improve support for user permissions in admin application

[SITEWHERE-214] – Move users and tenants from top navigation to user menu

[SITEWHERE-215] – Add site filter to existing device filter criteria

[SITEWHERE-217] – Add version checking on system startup

[SITEWHERE-220] – Add sparkline charts on server page to show history of JVM memory values


The SiteWhere Team

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