Release Notes - SiteWhere - Version 1.2.0

//New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.2.0

New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.2.0


[SITEWHERE-199] – Adding asset with no image causes error in admin console

[SITEWHERE-200] – Protobuf encoded command invocations throw exception

[SITEWHERE-201] – Adding/removing assets in admin UI does not change system runtime

[SITEWHERE-203] – Titles missing on many pages in admin UI

[SITEWHERE-206] – Fix annotations on paging parameters to show correctly in Swagger

[SITEWHERE-208] – In device emulator, MQTT port is not persisted across sessions.

New Feature

[SITEWHERE-198] – Add multitenancy support

[SITEWHERE-205] – Add outbound event processor for sending events to

[SITEWHERE-207] – Create generator for static REST services documentation


[SITEWHERE-202] – Update URL scheme for list -> detail to use path rather than request

[SITEWHERE-204] – Upgrade to latest FontAwesome version for new icons


The SiteWhere Team

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