Release Notes - SiteWhere - Version 1.0.4

//New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.0.4

New and Noteworthy in SiteWhere Community Edition 1.0.4


[SITEWHERE-165] – If connection to MongoDB is lost, exception bubbles rather than being handled gracefully

[SITEWHERE-166] – MongoDB device managment implementation does not support passing credentials

[SITEWHERE-173] – Misssing internationalized value in header on device detail page


[SITEWHERE-164] – Improve error reporting when there are problems with server startup

[SITEWHERE-167] – Update Mule dependencies to latest version

[SITEWHERE-168] – Add example project for creating a custom socket event source and a tutorial for using it

[SITEWHERE-169] – Update provisioning tutorial to reflect naming and other updates

[SITEWHERE-170] – Update SiteWhere Java agent to use latest protobuf spec and hybrid encoding

[SITEWHERE-171] – Add sample data for an openHAB virtual device

[SITEWHERE-172] – Create Groovy event decoder that works with binary payloads


The SiteWhere Team

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