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About SiteWhere

SiteWhere is developed by SiteWhere, LLC, a company based in Atlanta, GA. The core SiteWhere team consists of developers with a variety of backgrounds, including telecommunications, enterprise service bus, transaction processing, and location-based services.


  • 2010 – Development of the SiteWhere platform started as a closed source, asset tracking platform.
  • 2013 – The SiteWhere platform is converted to an open source offering.
  • 2014 – SiteWhere is incorporated as a Georgia Limited Liability Company.
  • 2016 – Started development of SiteWhere Enterprise Edition.


  • SiteWhere was architected from the beginning for extensibility and large scale event processing.
  • The platform is leveraging best of breed components from other well-established open-source projects.
  • SiteWhere can be deployed both in the cloud and on premise.
  • Open source provides for a vastly reduced TCO (total cost of ownership).
  • SiteWhere provides a lot of the features of high dollar commercial solutions.